Mobikom Bulgaria behind мобиком.бг and, is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We don't collect personal data.GDPR

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We do not collect any private information by our visitors

Mobikom Bulgaria is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We don't collect personal data and we don't use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you.

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Default font and no logo

All boot resources when opening our sites, including fonts and logos, are additional requests to our servers, that is, besides requiring storage space and uploading them to the browser to visualize, consume energy and resources, and also represent a critical time in security. Approaches such as loading resources from external sources also do not satisfy us for a number of reasons, here we just add the loading speed to the mentioned ones. That is, we rely on the couple's security and speed, achieving it with simple solutions through new technologies. An example is the latest browser innovations. Therefore, our sites will not load any custom fonts at all, thus removing the font family declaration, which means that visitors will see the default font from their browser. We use a similar approach for the logo. In fact, there is a logo, but it will not load when you open the pages of our sites. There will be a direct link to our logo on every page, as a fixed props and a specific place for this resource on our servers. Instead of designing a logo that would require the production and distribution of custom fonts and images, the new identity of the sites in our group consists of one typographic move: to use @min in the name of the site: @ mobicom


No third-party tracking, no ad scripts and no cookies

We call cookies the technology that gives you a counter so that the system does not confuse you with another visitor until you leave. - the most accurately described technology from our colleagues at Bestjobs BG. Web analytics software like Google Analytics records what happens on websites - which pages are most viewed, where visitors come from, what exactly they look at, etc. These services are popular because they are easy to deploy, configure and use, manage. For a rally of similar tools on the servers. However, the exchange of this data between the server and the webmaster's computer generates additional data traffic and thus energy and resource consumption. Logs are generated on all our servers and analytical measurements are local. These (anonymous) logs are only viewed by us and are not used to profile visitors. Therefore, there is no need to use third-party tracking and cookies. Ad software such as Google Adsense with identical analytics technologies is at odds with our internal visitor privacy policy. Although they are an insignificant but natural segment of the portion of financial resource receipts, they have two important disadvantages. The first is advertising services increase data traffic and thus the energy consumption and valuable resources of our servers. Second, Google collects information from our visitors, which forces us to make extensive privacy statements and pop-up cookie alerts - which not only consume data but also annoy our visitors. Therefore, we are replacing this released resource from the AdSense segment with similar ads with other funding options, read more: Your ad here. We don't use cookies at all. @ mobikom. Mobikom Bulgaria Privacy Policy

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